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This Web Site only purpose is to collect and share testimonies, and does not offer any possibility to provide answers to any questions or problems from users or professionals  Its goal is not to replace existing processes for service requests, or complaints. For any request in need of a answer or a solution, users must absolutely contact services from the CISSAT organisation.

Since 2017, the Témiscamingue area has encountered health services availability gaps. Anesthesis services for surgery have been a critical example for a long time, and many major health services follow this scheme.

A meeting occured the 23rd of october, in 2017, in the Société de développement du Témiscamingue, where Temiscamingue population responded a call from Dr Paul-Émile Barbeau to mobilise citizens facing degradation of basic health services in the area.


Based on this meeting, we created a CITIZEN COMMITTEE, mandated to insure availability and access to quality health services, in a durable way for the whole territory of the Temiscamingue population. These health services must take into account population needs, with the terrritory specifity, and be adapte to the special needs of such a territory.

The Citizen Committee responsibilities are :


  • Inform in a simple and efficient way people about CISSSAT taken decisions. 


  • Help mobilise people when such decisions are inadequate, by explaining their impact and consequences.


  • React firmly to CISSSAT decision not respecting our right to durable quality health services


  • Propose solutions to identified problems.


In order to reach these objectives, we created this Web Site to allow collecting and sharing testimonies, in absolute anonymity. Users and employees of Temiscamingue health services can use the site in safety, and share their experiences, without risking intimidation. We hope this simple tool will be efficient, far from complex strategies established by professional communication professionals, and become OUR TOOL to view, share, invent and make our health services better in our beautiful Temiscamingue.

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